Jets™ Cloud Services

Welcome to the Jets™ portal

This is a website set up for you to navigate product information about all Jets™ products. The site requires you to log in. Login credentials can be obtained by reaching out to your contact at Jets Vacuum AS.

This site enables the user to view and directly download datasheets and files. Users are able to compile numerous datasheets and files in a list, and submit the list to be generated by the cloud service.

Using this functionality, you will have access to all released datasheets and files in any of the available languages (view in English, download in any available language). After you submit a document list the system will return a URL download link, which you can distribute directly to your contact, customer or service personnel. This way you can avoid sending large data files via the e-mail system.

The site is set up to ensure around the clock, worldwide access to the latest version of Jets™ product information.

E-mail services

A word of caution to all of you when sending e-mails containing URL download links. These e-mails might be identified as unfriendly information/hostile software, by your computer’s or server’s protection system. In some cases, this results in the e-mail being redirected to your spam/junk e-mail folder.

Cloud Storage

All your “lists” will be stored under “My documents” on your account after you log in. The creation of various lists here, will ease your workload, as they can be reused, copied and adjusted. Please note that all lists will generate downloads using the latest version of system data. Files distributed with Cloud service will be available for download for a period of 14 days.